"Full Moon in Scorpio"

  • "Full Moon in Scorpio"

All music and lyrics by The Wizards
All songs performed and recorded by The Wizards. 
All arrangements by The Wizards and Dean Rispler. 

Produced by Dean Rispler. Engineered by Asier Zubelzu. 
Recorded at Gaua Studios, Mungia (Basque Country) April 2016. 

Mixed and mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios, Union City, New Jersey. 

Guest solo on "Leaving the past behind" by Ross "The Boss" Friedman. 
Keyboards, percussion and slide guitar On "When we were gods" by Dean Rispler. 

Artwork by Branca Studio. 

Management by Third Eye Society.

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1. Avidya (04:51)
2. Calliope (Cosmic Revelations) (05:23)
3. Odinist (04:31)
4. Stardust (07:42)
5. Leaving the past behind (05:30)
6. Halftones to eternity (05:07)
7. Who are you, Mr. Gurdjieff? (05:04)
8. When we were gods (07:27)

The Wizards


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