"A Kind of Sickness"

  • "A Kind of Sickness"

We Are Apes, Hello!, Punk Pop Power Duo from the Basque Country, influenced by Cloud Nothings, Descendents, Osker and Beach Slang.

Ace: Strings & Vocals.
Mike: Drums.

Music recorded by WAAH! at Betitxarto (Ermua).
Vocals recorded by Walter Tuzzeo at Legarre Studio (Eibar).
Mixed by Ace.

All songs by WAAH!

Band photos by Aitor Zubizarreta.
Artwork by Mike Bizarro.


1. Hello (01:55)
2. Hard to Explain (02:51)
3. Aurora (03:20)
4. Night Lights of a Skyscraper (02:37)
5. Slow Song About Anxiety (03:20)


  • Egileak We Are Apes, Hello!
  • DiskoetxeaAutoekoizpena
  • FormatuaEP
  • HizkuntzaBeste batzuk
  • Argitalpen-urtea2017
  • LizentziaCopyright
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