"Life Songs"

  • "Life Songs"

Three years after the release of his previous R album, Alain Concepcio?n is back and ac­ companied by The Soul Men. This both audacious and unique line­up is composed of Ju­lio Veiga (piano) and Jose Gallardo (sax), as well as Alain Concepcio?n himself.

This trio bets on a classic repertoire, which is mostly focused on the 70s black music, to­ gether with their own compositions and arrangements.

Despite having no rhythm section, the band's intimate, raw and real sound allows us to get carried by the emotions and sounds of jazz, soul, funk and soft rock of artists such as James Brown, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Womack, George Benson, Leon Ware, etc.

The blend of musicality and emotion of these three musicians makes each live appearance of the band a unique and unrepeatable experience for the senses. Alain Concepcio?n & The Soul Men will leave no one indifferent.

Their new Life Songs LP, which was recorded live with audience at the Tio Pete studios, fully captures their live show experience and features their new songs "Far Away" and "I Can't Breathe Without You".


1. Far Away (05:28)
2. I Love you More than You'll Ever Know (06:27)
3. California Dreamin (04:30)
4. I Can’t Breathe Without You (05:10)
5. I Want You (07:15)
6. Is It a Crime (06:09)
7. It's a Man's Man's Man’s World (09:55)


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