"The Ocean Is Not Silent"

  • "The Ocean Is Not Silent"

Looking for dense dark and heavy music, full of ambient details, Keziah is born, a Sludge-Doom-Post-Metal band from the Basque Country formed in 2015. 

Keziah sound is influenced by different bands like Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Crowbar, Amenra, Breach, Cult of Luna and so on.

And authentic wall of sound smashing with brutality.

Recorded and Mixed in Grabasonic, Spain.
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg in Redmont Studios, Sweden.
Cover art by Lau Gamar Creations.


1. Crawling Chaos (09:05)
2. Sleep (05:38)
3. The Lord of Great Abyss (05:57)



  • Egileak Keziah
  • DiskoetxeaCosmic Tentacles!
  • Zenbatekoa5,00 € (CD) / 2,00 € (disko digitala)
  • FormatuaEP
  • HizkuntzaBeste batzuk
  • Argitalpen-urtea2017
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