"Ritual of Six"

  • "Ritual of Six"

Our new release is here and perhaps to some of you, WLDV will need no introduction considering that this talented DJ and producer has just released on the well-known and cult label Giallo Disco a little while ago. Once again We'd like to present a new painstaking limited edition with a cute 12" golden vinyl. It's Ritual of Six and this one is a gripping and mysterious album which is made up of six creepy and catchy tracks mastered by Manel Ruiz. Indeed,a brilliant work where bloodcurdling sounds, hypnotics atmospheres and thunderous analog arps can make you to look through the keyhole and see a little bit of hell gate. 

Art by Marta Mejias.

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1. Demon Wind (05:32)
2. Tombs (05:39)
3. Sacrifice (05:15)
4. I See The Gates (05:18)
5. Attack From The Beyond (06:15)
6. Revelation (06:03)


  • Egileak WLDV - We Love Dolce Vita
  • DiskoetxeaWaste Editions
  • Zenbatekoa16,50 € (biniloa) / 6,50 € (disko digitala)
  • FormatuaBiniloa / MP3
  • HizkuntzaBeste batzuk
  • Argitalpen-urtea2018
  • LizentziaCopyright
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