"Wicked Wizzard"

  • "Wicked Wizzard"
  • "Wicked Wizzard"

Wicked Wizzard was recorded, mixed and produced by the big wizard James Morgan in Magic Box Musika (Mungia) and mastered by Steve Kitch at Audiomaster (UK) in 2017/18.

All songs by Wicked Wizzard.

Wicked Wizzard are:

Iñigo Jauregui - (Bass, Vocals and Hammond) 
Mikel Bidaurrazaga - (Drums and percussion) 
Unai Minguez - (Guitars)

Ilustrations and album design by Mikel Bidaurrazaga. 
Photo By Xabi Gotisolo.

Wicked Wizzard would like to thank to James Morgan for his hospitality, all the people that helped and supported the album, Gandalf, all our friends and especially to our families.

This album is made to be played as loud as possible, so just do.

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1. Intro (00:20)
2. Witchstone (04:16)
3. Sin City (05:36)
4. Swamp (06:00)
5. Rainy Sabbath (03:30)
6. The Wizzard (07:02)
7. Earthquake (04:14)
8. Rednecks From Hell (03:52)
9. Hills Of Madness (07:34)


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