• "SHuSH"

SHuSH is a delightful maximalist musical journey full of surprises. Influenced by free-jazz, DnB, footwork, PCmusic, math-rock, latin music and many other genres, these songs are packed with emotive sounds that vividly fly over your mind. Aside of being one of the most inventive producers of the present of music, RRUCCULLA has also created the captivating cover artwork.

On her new material, RRUCCULLA explains: "I see SHuSH as big aquarium representing all the stories or events of many distinct multi-coloured fishes that are locked up surrounded by hundreds of different malleable shapes and ambiances. The events taking place in SHuSH pass from peaceful pastel color clear and shiny parts, to a more electric color hidden dark corners where eventually the vibe becomes more aggressive. Creating this whole artificial universe had me feeling like I was physically diving into the songs. I wanted to swim inside them, feel totally submerged in them".


1. Intro coma ?? (01:24)
2. Té de cabello blanco (03:38)
3. Vestido de párpados (06:38)
4. Icy Blue Coral (03:48)
5. Menta fútil (04:01)
6. Miel oscura (03:09)
7. Balada cítrica (02:03)
8. Tea Gambler (04:13)
9. Diente de leche (01:47)
10. Cicatriz de chocolate (06:00)



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