• "Denbora"

4th Eclectic Reactions release for the year 2019 by Minusculo aka Ibon Aguirre.

Denbora is his first release in 8 years and he presents a 20 min electronic jewel of 5 tracks driving from ambient, experimentation and drone to techno, break beats and minimalistitc or contemporary influences under a very cinematic and personal prisma.

A really nice and evocating work with the colaboration of Ibon RG, Na Gomes on the music and Alphax on the visual side.

Minusculo is a project from Ibon Aguirre.

Composed, recorded and mixed by himself in the rehearsal room.

Guitar loops and Sax by Ibon RG and Na Gomes.

Live AV and arwork by Alphax.

Ilustration by Alex Merino.


1. Geruzak (04:34)
2. Denbora (04:09)
3. Wire (03:39)
4. Karraspio (06:17)
5. Cero Grados (04:54)


  • Egileak Minusculo
  • DiskoetxeaEclectic Reactions Records
  • Zenbatekoa7,00 € (kasetea + disko digitala) / 4,00 € (disko digitala)
  • FormatuaKasetea / MP3
  • HizkuntzaBat ere ez
  • Argitalpen-urtea2019
  • LizentziaCopyright
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