Music moves Europe. A European music export strategy

  • Music moves Europe. A European music export strategy

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La Comisión Europea ha publicado el 1er Estudio sobre la estrategia europea de exportación de la música

The study defines the background, the scope, and proposes a set of measures for a European music export strategy. Following the analysis of the main characteristics of the music sector in the European Union, this report takes stock of the main obstacles, challenges and opportunities faced by European music when crossing borders and shows that Anglo-American repertoire appears to be more successful in this context than music from the rest of Europe. The study subsequently describes the strengths and challenges of European music export strategies, based on the results of a survey circulated to national and regional organisations specialised in the export of music. The study then focuses in particular on four key international territories (United States, Canada, South Africa and China). Building on this stocktaking exercise, a “European music export strategy” is described, through a set of objectives, target groups and measures, including innovative funding schemes and policy approaches, reflecting the need to include music sector stakeholders and policymakers both at national and European level. A proposal for the articulation and the implementation of the European music export strategy is formulated, with key expected results in terms of market structuration, policy developments, data collection and cross-border circulation of European music

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