• "Endinghent"

Altarage deliver exactly what the underground buzz around them promised. Their second full-length, Endinghent, is bristling with black and dissonant death metal fury that immediately evokes a plethora of sinister images in the brain. Their relentless soul-crushing sound is sending the scared mind on overdrive.

Little is known about this secretive death metal collective, except their origin from Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque country of Spain. In 2015, ALTARAGE unleashed a demo simply entitled after its year of release, MMXV generated massive interest in the extreme metal scene around the globe. This was followed by the debut album NIHL (2016), which received high praise from critics and fans alike.

Altarage return to mercilessly drag you into an abyss of nightmares and twisted meanings. Endinghent, in their own words, calls the doom inhabitants to reach a whole nothing. Welcome to this new dimension of sonic darkness.

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1. Incessant Magma (05:58)
2. Spearheaderon (03:56)
3. Cataclysmic Triada (03:33)
4. Fold Eksis (03:03)
5. Rift (04:56)
6. Orb Terrax (04:06)
7. Weighteer (06:31)
8. Barrier (04:38)


  • Egileak Altarage
  • DiskoetxeaSeason Of Mist
  • FormatuaKasetea / LP / CD / MP3
  • HizkuntzaBeste batzuk
  • Argitalpen-urtea2017
  • LizentziaCopyright
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