"The Unknown"

  • "The Unknown"

The Unknown is a travel through the depths of the vast oceans beyond the known. Taking its name from the famous words from H.P. Lovecraft, the album explores the fear that comes from gazing at the darkness of the unknown.

For fans of Neurosis and Cult of Luna, it moves between Sludge and Post Metal with some Stoner passages, creating dark atmospheres and also intricate melodies that would make the perfect soundtrack for the arising of Cthuluh.

The álbum is recorded at Grabasonic Studios (Spain) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg again (Sweden), with two special collaborations, Kyle Stratton (Atala - USA) and Christian Bonnesen (LLNN - Denmark).

The album is released by the following labels:

Woaargh Records (Germany)

BlackStar Productions (Sweden)

Barraks Promotions (Basque Country)

Nooirax Producciones (Spain)

Muerte Matar Records (Basque Country)

Available also contacting Keziah:

Email: keziahbandcontact@gmail.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/keziahbandsite
Bandcamp: keziahband.bandcamp.com


1. The Unknown (02:52)
2. Spirit of the goat (06:05)
3. Begotten (03:59)
4. Source of Filth (05:07)
5. Horror from the Hills (07:11)
6. Green Flame (05:08)
7. El Diablo (08:21)



  • Egileak Keziah
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  • Argitalpen-urtea2018
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