"The Silver Ghost"

  • "The Silver Ghost"

The bond of brothers in a band can be the most powerful thing. Just consider bands like Pantera, Sepultura, Gojira or Arch Enemy, who all made groundbreaking contributions to the metal scene. Such bond also exists between the two brothers Ini and Iker. Together they are unleashing this energy through the music they create with their band Childrain.

Emerging from a new generation of Basque and Spanish metal bands, Childrain brings determination, quality and an immaculate live performance. Having developed their own musical signature with 3 album releases in Spain under their belt already, the band is now ready to pursue their international aspirations to conquer new territories.

Their next step is nothing short of a worldwide release of their 4th album The Silver Ghost and to become the next stepping stone to build further upon the successes they had so far.

With The Silver Ghost, Childrain is delivering a technical and progressive sounding album, combining modern and melodic metal with catchy melodies and a spiritual and awakening message. The lyrics are deep and epic, modern Basque poetry, reflecting the band's spirituality, but also their link with nature and the natural environment.


1. Wake the Ghost (3:58)
2. Saviors of the Earth (4:15)
3. The Valley of Hope (4:12)
4. Saturnia (4:47)
5. The Silver Walker (5:13)
6. Interstellar (4:09)
7. Eon (3:53)
8. Ten Thousand Moons (5:49)
9. Omega (4:40)



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  • Argitalpen-urtea2019
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