"Ashes Of The Black Easter"

  • "Ashes Of The Black Easter"

Crownledge is an experimental music project, this release is consequence of the weeks of lockdown and it is mainly focused on the synth side of the band. However, we have worked hard on the rock side of our music cosmos, as you will see in a few months. Thanks for your time and listening.

All Music composed and recorded by Crownledge, except:

Wind section of "Hosanna", played by Banda de Música Nuestra Señora Del Carmen" performing "Hosanna in Excelsis" March.
Sampler in "About Myths and Archetypes": Carl Gustav Jung.
"Das Lied Des Einsiedlers" Poem: Novalis.
Sampler in "Hosanna": Manuel Azaña.
"Azul", lyrics: Amor Alonso. In memory of Luis.
Mixed By Simon at The Empty Hall Studios.
Artwork by Babylon Fell Designs.
Ashes Of The Black Easter by Crownledge is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0CC.


1. Vacuum (02:29)
2. About Myths & Archetypes (03:33)
3. Das Lied Des Einsiedlers (02:37)
4. Hosanna (02:56)
5. Azul (02:46)
6. Dissolution (02:26)
7. Beta Sequence (03:22)



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