"Improvisations on Prepared Acoustic Guitar"

  • "Improvisations on Prepared Acoustic Guitar"

I've played in post-punk/noise-rock bands for 20+ years. In 2015 I started a solo endeavor that has transited so far from an industrialesque layering of noise to twilight instrumental music of droney psychedelic sounds and straight guitar improvisation.

A.Maiah: Prepared Acoustic Guitar & Extended Techniques
Recorded on saturday April 30th and sunday May 1st 2022 into a handheld stereo recorder with two Shure SM58 mics at Estudios Nómadas.


1. Cultural Appropriation Syndrome Part 1 (03:01)
2. Sleepwalking Downtown (04:08)
3. March Into The Sea (02:20)
4. West Of The East (01:59)
5. Bleak Times Ahead (02:00)
6. An Angel Passed By (01:32)
7. Wrong Answer For The Right Question (01:32)
8. Stumbling Out Of Bed (03:52)
9. Tarantula Tarantella (02:47)
10. Cultural Appropriation Syndrome Part 2 (03:36)



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