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  • New Yorkeko Guggenheim Museoa:  Basque Artist Program

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Basque Artist Program

The Fall 2022 Basque Artist Program shall select five Basque artists to participate in an intensive orientation to the New York art scene, its museums and galleries in particular, supplemented by visits to artists’ studios. This Program will provide participants with a unique learning experience designed to expand the knowledge of artists starting a professional career and to advance their artistic goals.

The Program is oriented towards emerging artists born and/or resident in the Basque Country (Autonomous Community of the Basque Country) since at least January 1, 2021, and fluent in spoken and written English. Only applicants born after January 1, 1987 shall be eligible.


The Program will consist of activities on 12 days scheduled over a period of four weeks in October-December, 2022 (exact dates to be confirmed).

Application deadline: July 18, 2022

Program Description

The objective is to acquaint Basque artists with their counterparts in New York to foster exchange as well as to advance the Basque artists’ professional skills such as communication, technical innovations, etc. Artists will be introduced to local institutions and connected with artists, curators, and other creative practitioners as well as members of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum staff from across its departments.

No later than one month after the end of the Program, artists will be required to provide a report describing how future projects might benefit from this experience.


Each artist will receive funding of USD 3,000 at the beginning of the residency. Artists are required to attend each and every activity organized throughout the period of the Program. In the case of non-attendance, the abovementioned amount shall be proportionally refunded.

Visas and Insurance

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum will assist each Basque artist, if necessary, with applying for the appropriate visa for the duration of the Program. Artists will be responsible for processing visas and any fees, including health and other insurance.

Housing and Travel

Artists will be responsible for securing their own travel. Housing is not provided. Upon request, a list of suggested short-term residences and listing services will be provided. Artists will be required to cover their own international and local travel costs.

How to apply

Please complete the application form (all fields are required) and submit it together with the additional materials requested, which must be written in English (excluding official documents).

Applicants will be reviewed by the Guggenheim curatorial staffs to ensure the best-qualified artists are selected. Zoom interviews may be conducted if needed. Final selection will be based on each individual’s demonstrated skills and capacities.

Only selected candidates will be notified at least eight weeks prior to the start of the residency. Please check the website to verify the names of successful applicants.

For any questions or problems regarding the application process, please e-mail

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